Georgina Parkin, BVSc., Cert E.P., MRCVS.

Gem Equine

GEM EQUINE was founded on the 1st June, 2009 by Georgina Parkin, assisted by Joan and Robert Parkin. We provide care and support to a spectrum of clientel from children's ponies to international performance horses.

Our principle is to provide our clients with premium quality diagnostics and expertise, whilst maintaining the 'human' factor and achieving this service in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

GEM EQUINE have an open information policy so our customers are assured they are getting the best quality service with the experience, knowledge and expertise to support our claims of Top Quality Equine Veterinary, feel free to investigate further on our website or contact us directly.

With 24/7 emergency cover GEM EQUINE will be prompt to service any of your unexpected issues.